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About FLiFLi AirDrop

FLiFLi AirDrop FAD-1000 is a Partable drop equipment attachable to DJI Phantom 3/4.

Our products focus on electronics, so people can live better by having one of our products. FLiFLi AirDrop gained inspiration from fishing and seduced one of the biggest fish swimming far from the sea. FLiFLi AirDrop can be used not only for fishing, but also for other uses such as delivery and other fun parts. FLiFLi AirDrop has a different operating system than other comparable products and can be launched with the remote control included in the product package.

FLiFLi AirDrop has a differentiated operation system from other similar products and can be activated by a remote control which is included in the product package.

FLiFLi Airdrop Package


1. Easy To Install : FLiFLi AIRDROP’s hassle-free installation will upgrade your drone to another level of drone playing. Compare to other dropping devices, it is much easier and convenient to equip.

2. One-Touch Operation : A radio transmitter with an RF module can be operated smoothly with a single push of a button. Controlling is quick and simple such as stabilization system with opening and close with one-touch operation.

3. Widespread Wireless Connection (LoRa) : LoRa Technology ensures 'kilometer-wide' wireless coverage and stable connection between main and remote. No need to find any data connection. Experience high-performance and super wide range operation up to more than .6 mile by just one time synchronization.

4. Compact Design & Light Weight : FLiFLi AIRDROP is designed to provide a light weight and easy-to-use dropping experience. You may take this equipment wherever you want to have fun. Moreover, this item harmonizes the drone body so it remarkably maintains the elegance when flying.

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