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Unboxing AirDrop FLIFLI

By JMOmundo in Colombia
Date uploaded : Jul 03, 2017

que tal amigos, este es el nuevo airdrop de la marca FLIFLI, un excelente complemento para nuestros phantom, espero les guste... quien escucho a mi gato en el video ? :D


By Doglasmarcio in Brazil
Date uploaded : Jun 22, 2017

este video DRONE DELIVERY FAZER ENTREGA COM PHANTOM 4 PRO AIR DROP FLIFLI, foi somente um teste do aparelho flifli, espero que gostem.

I CRASHED MY DRONE DROPPING THINGS!! FLiFLi Airdrop Device Review + Testing

By Carson Miller in US
Date uploaded : Jun 02, 2017

In this video, I unbox, review, and test the FLiFLi drone cargo dropping device for the DJI Phantom 3. There are also other models for the DJI Phantom 4 as well. The first drop doesn't end so well.....

Sganciare oggetti dal Phantom tramite un radiocomando: FLIFLI Airdrop

By Tommaso Codolo in Italy
Date uploaded : May 30, 2017

Avete letto bene, quest’azienda ha pensato di commercializzare un prodotto che potrebbe avere svariate funzionalità. Principalmente è possibile sganciare oggetti dal Phantom grazie ad un comand a distanza che ha un range di circa un chilometro dichiarato dall’azienda.

Convertir tu drone en una herramienta de salvamento y más: AIRDROP de FLIFLI (ENGLISH SUBS)

By DGDRONE in Spain
Date uploaded : May 25, 2017

We show you the AIRDROP of FLIFLI, and how we can use it to make our drone into a rescue tool, in addition to many other utilities.


By Doglasmarcio in Brazil
Date uploaded : May 22, 2017

DROP TESTING A DRONE with a Phantom 4 Pro | Will it crash or fly?

By Jeremy Judkins in US
Date uploaded : May 21, 2017

DRONE AirDrop!! FLiFLi Payload Release + Drop REVIEW

By AuthenTech – Ben Schmanke in US
Date uploaded : May 13, 2017

Dropping 100 Ping Pong Balls – Phantom 4 Pro + FLIFLI

By Ed Ricker Vlogs in US
Date uploaded : May 09, 2017

Our last experiment with the FLIFLI Airdrop for the Phantom 4 Pro involved ping pong balls!

Can the PHANTOM 4 PRO Carry a MAVIC?? FLIFLI Airdrop

By Ed Ricker Vlogs in US
Date uploaded : May 09, 2017

Can the Phantom 4 Pro carry and drop a Mavic??? Only one way to find out…

Dropping things from the Phantom 4 Pro – FLIFLI Airdrop

By Chris Rollins in US
Date uploaded : May 08, 2017

The Sky Is Falling! FLIFLI Airdrop Device for the Phantom

By Ed Ricker Vlogs in US
Date uploaded : May 08, 2017

Let’s drop stuff from drones! Thanks to Chris for his involvement.

Ken Heron – DROPPING a GoPro from 200 Feet [FLi-FLi Dropper]

By Ken Heron in US
Date uploaded : May 08, 2017

Ken and Dana play with the new FLi-FLi Dropper! A new gizmo that allows stuff to be dropped from your Phantom series drone is now available. Take a ride in a GoPro as it’s dropped from a drone and gently falls back to Earth with a parachute.

Dangerous Drone Attack Challenge ft DJI Phantom 4 and FliFli Airdrop

By NCIX Tech Tips
Date uploaded : May 07, 2017

We got our hands on the FliFli Airdrop module for the DJI Phantom 4 drone, so we figured we’d do something a little more fun than a standard review.

DRONE DARTS – The ultimate drone drop challenge!

Date uploaded : May 03, 2017

B. and Kelly from READY SET DRONE try a very cool challenge- TURNING DRONES INTO DARTS!

DJI Phantom FliFli AirDrop Release and Drop Device Review

By Ready Set Drone in US
Date uploaded : May 03, 2017

The FliFli AirDrop for the DJI Phantom is a remote controlled release device that drops things like toy parachutes, yard darts and water balloons.

DJI Phanom 4 Pro Payload Release System (Lift and Drop Test)

By Billy Kyle in US
Date uploaded : Apr 27, 2017

Let me know down in the comments if you have any good ideas for me using this device! Could make a cool video in the future.

FLiFLi AirDrop Review – Snap On Phantom 3 & 4 Series Remote Release and Drop Mechanism

By Dustin Dunnill in US
Date uploaded : Apr 27, 2017

I hope you enjoy my Full review of the FliFli Airdrop.

DRONE, DO YOU EVEN LIFT? (Flifli Airdrop Review)

By DroneOne Media in US
Date uploaded : Apr 26, 2017

Flifli Airdrop

FLiFLi Drone Item Dropping Gadget Review! DJI Phantom 4 Series

By Too Cool Tech in US
Date uploaded : Apr 24, 2017

This kinda makes me wish I had a drone now!


Date uploaded : Apr 22, 2017

FliFli Airdrop review

By Dronewatch in Netherlands
Date uploaded : Apr 19, 2017

Met de FLiFLi Airdrop kun je je drone op afstand voorwerpen laten vallen. Zoals een ballon gevuld met water. In deze review laat Wiebe de Jager van Dronewatch zien wat de Airdrop is, hoe hij werkt en wat je ermee zou kunnen doen.

Drone remote cargo release – FLiFLi Airdrop for DJI Phantom 4

By Nick Murray in US
Date uploaded : Apr 15, 2017

Finally you can drop things from your drone, just what the world needs! This is the Airdrop from Fli Fli that connects to the Phantom 4 range of drones and allows remote release of cargo. It has a range of 1km (0.6 miles) and I have found the max payload is about 150-200g maybe more on a calm day. Made in South Korea not China.

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