FliFli AirDrop User's Safety Guideline

Prohibited Flying Activities

1. Air dropping activities that can possibly cause danger to people or property.
2. Flying activities that can possibly cause danger to people or property in a populated region or in a place where many people are crowded together.
3. Flying in the area where people can’t see the targeted place with the naked eye.
4. Flying activities from sunset to sunrise (Exceptions will be if it is authorized by related statute, then flying is authorized).
5. Flying and controlling drones under the influence of alcohol, drug, or other substance that can possibly influence people’s mind.
6. Flying activities that are abnormal to normal flying regulations.
7. Bothering flying path to all aircrafts, light aircrafts, and other light non-motor power flying equipment by using drones.
8. Flying above 150 meters (Standard will be above 150 meter ground, sea and hurdle level) (Excetions will be if it was authorized by related statute)
9. Flying in the prohibited flying area.

Theses rules are based on Korea Civil Aeronautics Safety Law and Civil Aeronautics Safety Law’s enforcement regulation, and therefore flying standard and regulation might be different depending on wherer you are located at. Thus, please verify your country’s regulation standard before flying.

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